Dance Yourself Fit

What is Dance Yourself Fit?

Your dance, your moves. 
Ann’s contagious personality and enthusiasm will have you simultaneously dancing and mindfully working out.  So Leave your head at the door and bring your body and feet to the floor! This is the perfect double whammy for a sociable night out, keeping in shape, toning up and shedding those pounds, whilst partying.

More about Ann… “Music and Dance are my passion in life.” Ann has spent a lifetime keeping herself and her clients in shape: Olympic gold medallist and World champion athlete, Sally Gunnell, credits Ann with giving her that extra energy and technique required to win Olympic Gold in Barcelona. She was Madonna’s body double when Madame Tussauds created the diva’s likeness in the 90s at the famous waxworks museum. She is also an Author with published books. Ann also runs Fresh Air Fitness classes, bootcamps and workshops on ‘your inner goddess’ as well as yearly retreats.